Statue of Unity enters 2019 World Architecture News Awards

The world's tallest, statue of Unity in Gujarat engineered by Larsen & Toubro (L&T), has entered the globally-acclaimed 2019 World design News (WAN) Awards, a politician aforesaid on a weekday.

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The WAN Awards showcase the simplest international style in current and future comes, and therefore the award ceremony is probably going to be command in July.

"This may be an important and meriting recognition of India's engineering talent and project management," S.N. Subrahmanyan, chief operating officer, and MD of L&T, aforesaid on the popularity for the Indian-made engineering marvel.

"The statue of Unity was far and away one in all the foremost complicated and difficult assignments we've dead and being featured beside many alternative international engineering marvels may be an actually exceptional action, not just for L&T except for the whole nation," he added.

Constructed during a record thirty-three months, the world's tallest statue stands at 182 meters (597 feet) as a memorial to the contributions of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel within the country's freedom struggle and therefore the stellar role he competes in unifying the country into a nation.

A staggering six,500 tonnes of steel, 18,500 tonnes of bolstered steel, 210,000 tonnes of concrete and one,700 tonnes of bronze protection went into the creating of the statue by a military of over four,500 designers, architects, international consultants, engineers, and workmen.

L&T's Whole Time Director and Senior government Vice-President M.V. Satish aforesaid the statue of Unity isn't solely a triumph of cooperation however conjointly of digitalization.

"We were operative in a very robust piece of ground and thence used a variety of geospatial technologies like DGNSS, terrestrial measuring system, drone-based photogrammetry for our geologic surveys and navigational instrument for the hydrographical survey. all of the six,500-odd bronze panels were RFID-tagged that rendered assembly and erection abundant easier," Satish additional.

The statue of Unity -- one in all the few unreal objects visible from house -- is located on Hindoo Bet, 3.2 km downstream from the Narmada Dam, comprising a posh with a deposit, a memorial garden, a designer bridge connecting Hindoo Island with the ground on the Narmada watercourse, an inside 5 km-long road, Associate in Nursing body complicated, a conference centre and a star-rated edifice.

The statue, designed by Maharashtra's legendary creator Ram V. Sutar, was planned as a realistic depiction of Sardar Patel in his characteristic vogue during a walking create, rising out of an angular geometric base that covers the whole Hindoo Hill.

It has a singular, slender width-to-height quantitative relation, way more exacting than existing technical norms that mixed up special engineering issues.

Two vertical cores that house high-speed traveler elevators support the steel frames to that around six,500 bronze panels square measure clad.

A viewing gallery has been created at one hundred thirty-five meters, at the chest level, from wherever two hundred guests will soak up the exciting views of the Narmada Dam and alternative landmarks.

At its height of 182 meters, it's doubly as tall because the statue of Liberty in NY, a hundred times larger than a traditional individual, and at seventy feet, Sardar Patel's face is larger than the faces of the USA Presidents cut out on Mount Rushmore within the USA.

The statue of Unity is constructed to face up to winds of up to 290 kmph and earthquakes of up to six.5-magnitude on the Richter scale.
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